Setup New Computer

Whether you got yourself a brand new Windows computer or a MacBook and you need help setting it up, we can help! It doesn’t matter whether you bought a computer for your home or if you’re expanding your workspace, our computer technicians at Get Computer Repair are here to offer you the best computer installation services. Our computer geeks have over a decade of experience in setting up computers that by now we know everything from the tips and tricks to the shortcuts and best solutions for every pitfall.

Setup New Computer Brisbane

Setting up a computer you just bought may seem like an overwhelming and complicated task for you to do on your own. Good thing our computer techs at Get Computer Repair are here to help!
There’s more to setting up your brand new computer than just taking everything out of the box it came in. Before you can start surfing the Internet or working on your new computer, you need to ensure that your hardware is properly connected. You should also make sure that you have all the latest updates installed so that you can make the most out of your computer experience.
You don’t have to do all these things on your own! Simply hire one of our computer experts. We’ll take care of everything for you. Our computer experts are able to come to your home or office and set up everything so that it’s ready for you to use.
Whatever setup you may need, we assure you that we can do it! We make sure that the computer setup we provide for you is 100% personalized according to your requirements. To keep you updated on the process, we are also very happy to tutor you and give you advice along the way.

Setup New Computer Brisbane – Hardware Parts Setup

If you purchased a computer complete with all the software you need and you only need help with setting up the parts, this is the service for you.
Our computer experts can setup all of your computer parts for you. Whether you need help setting up your Mac, desktop, or laptop, we can setup both the hardware and software you need. We can also help with connecting any peripheral devices necessary such as printers, speakers, scanners, and any other device you might need for your computer setup.
Aside from assembling the parts of your computer, we make sure that your computer is properly connected to the Internet. We can also assist you with transferring files from your old computer to the new one or connecting your computer to an already existing network.
Sometimes computers sold with a preinstalled operating system like Windows also come with preinstalled software that you don’t necessarily need --- these are called bloatware. Most of them are programs you will never actually use so it’s better to get them out of your computer so they don’t occupy valuable space on your hard disk. More space on your hard disk will make your computer perform better and faster.

Setup New Computer Brisbane – Setup and Installation

We also offer any installations you might need for your brand new computer. If you bought an operating system along with your new computer, we can perform the installation for you. If you have any software that you want installed to your new device, just hand the installer to us and we will do the job. If you don’t have an operating system yet or any of the software installers you need, we can provide them for you! We can even give you free advice on which software to use or what cheap alternatives work just as great as the more popular, expensive software.
There are several options for different setup and installation tasks that we can provide for you. You might not even know that you need some of the services we offer! Our computer techs can discuss our services with you so that you can be fully assured that the computer setup we provide for you is exactly how you want it done. We will make sure that your computer has everything you need.

Setup New Computer Brisbane – Business Computer Setup

We don’t just provide computer setups for homes, we can also provide them for businesses as well! Business computer setups are just the same as home computer setups, except that we will also provide services that you need for your business. These include copying your emails from your old computer to the new one, making sure your new computer is connected to the existing network, connecting other machines such as printers, and everything else you may need for your business.

Setup New Computer Brisbane – Services

Our computer technicians at Get Computer Repair can offer all services you may need, including the following:
  • Configure applications
  • Configure email accounts
  • Configure new computer for optimal performance
  • Configure new peripherals
  • Connect new computers to existing networks
  • Connect new computers to existing peripherals
  • Connect new peripherals
  • Download updates needed
  • Dual operating system setup
  • How to use
  • Import existing mail settings
  • Import existing user data
  • Import email data
  • Install antimalware applications
  • Install applications
  • Install device drivers
  • Install Internet connection
  • Install operating system
  • Online security testing
  • Personalize computer
  • Plug in peripheral devices
  • Pre-purchase advice
  • Removal of device drivers
  • Removal of obsolete applications
  • Setting up a desktop computer
  • Setting up a laptop computer
  • Setting up antivirus
  • Setting up security software
  • Setup email accounts
  • Transfer data from old devices to new ones
  • Transfer previous user data
  • Unpacking new computer
  • Unpacking peripheral devices
  • Update operating system
  • Upgrade device drivers
  • Upgrade operating system
  • Upgrading software

Setup New Computer Brisbane – Computer Setup Basics

Windows Desktop
  • Unpack the components:
    • CPU
    • Keyboard
    • Monitor
    • Mouse
  • Place the CPU
  • Connect monitor to the CPU
  • Plug in the mouse and keyboard
  • Connect speakers if applicable
  • Plug the CPU to an outlet
  • Connect computer to a network
  • Download any updates
  • Install essential programs:
    • Antimalware
    • Internet Browser
    • Games
    • Productivity (Word processor, PDF viewer, etc.)
  • Personalize the computer
Windows Laptop
  • Unpack the components
  • Plug laptop and turn it on
  • Connect to the Internet
  • Download any updates
  • Install essential programs
    • Antivirus
    • Games
    • Internet browser
    • Productivity
  • Personalize the laptop
Mac Desktop or MacBook
  • Unpack and connect the components
  • For MacBooks, plug it in to charge the battery
  • Turn on the Mac
  • Migrate old files
  • Connect to the Internet
  • Install essential applications:
    • Browser
    • Multimedia
    • Games
    • Productivity
    • Utilities
  • Customize Mac

Setup New Computer Brisbane – Setting Up a Desktop Computer

Setting up a brand new computer can be quite overwhelming. Our computer experts at Get Computer Repair came up with a mini guide on how to setup your computer!
  1. Make sure that your place your computer in a place that is well ventilated to avoid overheating.
  2. Locate your monitor cable and connect one end to the monitor port. Connect the other end to the back of your CPU.
  3. Unpack your keyboard. If it uses a PS/2 connector (round), plug it to the purple port at the back of the CPU. If the keyboard uses a USB connector, connect it to any of the USB ports at the back of your CPU.
  4. Unpack the mouse. If It uses a PS/2 connector (round), plug it to the green port at the back of the CPU. If the keyboard uses a USB connector, connect it to any of the USB ports at the back of your CPU.
  5. Unpack the power supply cables. Plug the first power supply cable into the back of the CPU and then into the surge protector. Using the other cable, connect the monitor to the surge protector.
  6. Plug the surge protector into a wall outlet. If your surge protector has a power switch, switch it on.
  7. Connect the remaining peripheral devices.
The steps here are pretty simple but sometimes they can get tricky, especially if you aren’t a techy person. Our computer geeks at Get Computer Repair can help you with every step of the computer setup process so you don’t have to stress! We will ensure that your hardware is properly connected and that all the latest updates are installed.
If you just got yourself a computer for your home or business and you need help setting it up, our expert computer technicians from Get Computer Repair can help! We assure you that whatever you need done, we can do it.
Need more convincing on why you should hire our services?

Here are some benefits you get from trusting our experts with your computer:
  • No call out fees
  • No need to pay for our transportation expenses
  • Affordable and efficient computer setup anywhere in Brisbane
  • Complete standard setup in 1 or 2 hours
  • Expert information during the entire setup process
  • Expert advice for taking care of your computer
  • Well organized cable management
  • Expertise in all computer brands and models
  • Complete computer setup including all peripheral devices
  • Computer setup including operating system and software installation

The Get Computer Repair team is here to take the hassle out of buying a new computer. We can get your computer up and running in no time!