Email Setup

In this age of technology, our society stays connected through the Internet. One major facet of the Internet is the email. At Get Computer Repair, we understand how important it is to have an email that works smoothly. Emails keep us updated and connected on both a residential and business level. Our computer technicians are experts at optimizing and maintaining numerous email accounts so that your home or business can stay connected. 
If you need help with setting up your email of if you need a fix for your email problems, give us a call and we will send a computer technician to your doorstep right away!

Email Setup Brisbane

Electronic mail, or email for short, is a quick and convenient way of exchanging messages between people using electronic devices. As long as you have Internet access, you can send and receive e-mails from your desktop computer or any mobile device. The sender and the recipient of the e-mail don’t even have to be online at the same time!
Get Computer Repair can come out to provide an email setup for you. We will also guide you on how to use it by offering you a step by step explanation of the set up process. We will introduce you to email service features as well!
Email configurations vary depending on the platform (Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook, etc.) you choose. Our computer experts offer all sorts of email configurations for various platforms and even for your personal or custom company email domains. We can also help you with email client programs (Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live, etc.) that need POP3 or SMTP configurations.

Email Setup Services:
  • Email Client Installation and Configuration (Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, etc.)
  • Email Account Setup
  • Email Organization
  • Rules Setup for Junk Mail Filtering
  • Calendar Application Setup
  • Contacts Organization
  • Email Migration


If you don’t have an e-mail yet, you’re definitely missing out on a big thing. 
The Internet has greatly improved the way we communicate and do business with other people. Email is definitely one of the most useful Internet based means of communication. But before you can make use of email facilities, you first need to setup your access to the Internet and then create an email address.
Email comes with a set of features that make it easy to communicate.

Email features:

  • Ability to send copies of a message to several people
  • Addresses can be stored in an address book and retrieved easily
  • Auto forward and redirection of messages
  • Automatic filing and retrieval of messages
  • Automatic reply to messages
  • Emails are automatically date and time stamped
  • Files can be sent as attachments
  • Notification if message failed to send
  • Signatures can be attached

If you’re not very techy, you still might be skeptical about using an e-mail. Why not stick to the good old snail mail, right? Our team at Get Computer Repair has come up with a list of advantages that come with using an email:

It’s free!
Technically, you need a computer and an Internet connection to send an email. But if you already have a computer and a connection at your disposal, sending an email won’t cause you any further expenses!

It’s available 24/7.
Unlike snail mail and other deliveries, you can send emails any time of the day or year as long as you have an Internet connection. No need to worry about delivery schedules!

It makes organization easy.
Any email you send and receive, along with their attachments, can be stored safely and in any way you prefer. You can create folders, labels, and filters for different categories. You can even create rules so that filing your email becomes automatic!

It’s easy to use.
Once your email client is set up and you have your own email account, sending and receiving messages is actually very simple! You also have quick and easy access to your contacts and your data.

Prioritization is easier.
Your inbox displays the subject and the sender of all your emails. You can easily decide which emails to give priority to simply by checking the subjects. If you’re not interested in a certain email, you don’t even have to read it! You can easily delete an email or mark it as “read” without having to open it.

It delivers your message fast.
The moment you click “send”, the email gets sent in a fraction of a second. Your recipient doesn’t need to wait days before they receive your message. 

It’s global.
Since email is web based, it means that you can access your messages anywhere as long as you’re connected to the Internet. You can also send an email to anyone anywhere on the planet!

It helps the planet.
Computers aren’t really “green” but using sending an email instead of using a bunch of paper for sending messages can lessen the damage to the environment by reducing cost of contact.

Information is easily accessible.
Information is so much easier to access because computers make searching and organizing your files so easy. You can access your emails anywhere that you have an Internet connection!

It provides good leverage.
You can send the same email to several people. No need to make several copies of your message! This is very advantageous for entrepreneurs who are trying to sell a product or service.

Email Setup for Business

Having an email isn’t just great for personal use, there are also a lot of advantages for business and organizational use. 
The use of email has been widely accepted by business and other organizations all over the world. Studies show that over 80% of workers felt that email was critical to their success and productivity in the workplace.
Here are some of the benefits that are gained by businesses that use email:

Easier to facilitate logistics
Emails make it possible to communicate with people who are not physically in the same area. It’s an easy way to exchange information between two or more people without any set up costs. It’s also significantly less expensive than having a physical meeting or a phone call.

Helps with synchronization
By using email for communication, people don’t necessarily have to be working at the same time. Each participant has more control over their schedule and can participate independently.

Reduces cost
Sending emails is much less expensive than sending postal mail or making long distance calls.

Increases speed
An email takes less than a second to deliver from the sender to the recipient. This is significantly faster than other options.

Creates a written record
Unlike verbal communication, an email by nature creates a detailed written record of the exchange. The identities of the participants along with the date and time of the message is recorded with the email. In case of a legal dispute, emails can be used as evidence.

Good for email marketing
Email marketing is a great way to send special offers and service or product information. 

Email Problems and Fixes

If you already have an email and are encountering problems, we can help you with that! Here are just some of the common problems that email users encounter and what you can do on your own to fix them or get to the root of the issue:

Unable to send emails
If you’re able to receive emails but cannot seem to send them, go through to the list below to see if the issue is something you can easily fix.
  • Check the outgoing port number in your mail account’s advanced settings. The default port number is 25 but since the port is heavily used by spammers, it is now blocked by a wide range of servers. We recommend changing the port number to 587.
  • Make sure your username and password are entered correctly in the settings.
  • Make sure that the authentication required field is switched on.
  • Sometimes the email you are trying to send has attachments that are too large. If this is the case, try compressing your files or splitting up the files into several emails.
If the problem still persists, take note of any error messages and call the experts.

Unable to receive emails
The very first thing you should try is to send yourself an email. 
  • If you receive a bounce-back message, look for any error message that may explain the problem. The most common cause for not receiving an email is a disk quota issue. When you sign up for an email account, you are given an amount of space for your mail. If your inbox is full, you might not receive any emails even if you can still send them. If space is the issue, try deleting old mail or purchasing more space.
  • If you’re sure you have enough disk space but you’re still unable to receive any mail, check your incoming mail server settings to see if it’s a configuration problem. 

Unable to send and receive emails
There are a few possible reasons for this. The first thing to do is to check if you actually have an Internet connection. Try loading other websites to make sure. 
  • If you can’t connect to other webpages, then the problem is with your Internet connection. You can try unplugging your router and restarting your computer. You should also call your Internet Service Provider to let them know about the problem.
  • If you are able to access other webpages, try checking your email settings to see if all the information is correct. If your settings are okay, ensure that the authentication for the outgoing server is turned on. 
  • If it’s still not working, you can try deleting your account and then setting it up again. Important note: Deleting a mail account from an Apple device will permanently delete all mail unless you have an IMAP account and your mail is stored on the server.
If you’ve tried everything and it’s still not working, take note of any error messages you might be getting and give the computer experts a call.

Missing emails
If you’re not receiving emails that you’re expecting to receive or if some of your emails are suddenly missing, go through these steps to try to figure out what the problem is:
  • Check for any rules that might be redirecting your mail somewhere else. Check all the folders in your mailbox as well to make sure that your mail wasn’t accidentally moved somewhere else.
  • If it’s an option, ask the sender if they received any bounce-backs. Keep in mind that the problem might actually be on the sender’s end and not yours.
I’m receiving notifications about messages I didn’t send
A sudden inflow of undeliverable messages is a sign that your account has been compromised. Your account can easily be compromised if you have a weak password. It can also happen by clicking on a suspicious link, opening a suspicious looking email, or accessing a corrupt website. 
Here’s what you can do if you think your account has been compromised:
  • Change your password immediately. Make sure it’s a strong password that no one can guess.
  • Scan your computer for malicious software just in case.
A professional can make sure that your computer is free of any potential threats. Give us a call!

Duplicate emails
If you have the same email account set up on two or more devices, try the following:
  • Go through your devices’ settings to check if all the configuration for each one is the same.
  • Having the same account setup as a different type (IMAP, POP3) on different devices can cause your old emails to keep sending in a continuous loop. Try deleting your account from one of the devices and set it back up to mirror the account on your other device. 

Having your very own email account in this day and age definitely is a must. It offers convenience and allows you to communicate with anyone at any time. If you don’t have an email yet, give us a call and we will setup an email account for you! We can also fix any email problems you might be having so feel free to phone us if you’re encountering any problems.