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Computer Repairs Tennyson

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Tennyson is a river-side suburb of Brisbane, Australia and is located 7km south of Brisbane. Other suburbs that surround Tennyson are Graceville, Sherwood, Rocklea, Corinda, Yeronga, and Yeerongpilly.

In April 1823, Thomas Pamphlett and two others were shipwrecked on Moreton Island, and by walking, and using a native canoe. Walking upstream along the Brisbane River, they came to the Oxley Creek where two native canoes were seen. The group used a canoe to return to the coast and were found by Oxley in October at Point Skirmish, Bribie Island. The stretch of river adjoining Tennyson is known as Canoe Reach, a name that came from European contact that happened a few months before John Oxley’s settlement at Redcliffe. Canoe Reach extends downstream from Oxley Creek’s confluence with the river.

The area was somewhat flood-prone and the river flats were used for growing arrowroot and sugar cane since the 1870s. Sugar mill was built on the site later occupied by the Tennyson powerhouse.

In 1884, an early European settler named the area “Softstone.” This name remained until 1892. A railway was also built in 1884. The railway was built from Corinda to Stanley Street, Woolloongabba, as a way to transport Ipswich coal to the railyards. In 1887, the Softstone station was renamed Tennyson by when the district was known by that name. A settler bestowed the name on the area as a compliment to Lord Tennyson, a poet laureate.

The river frontages had two notable estates: Tintagel on the Brisbane River and Hayslop on the powerhouse site that adjoins the animal research centre in Yeerongpilly. In 1904, The Brisbane Gold Club moved from Chelmer to its present site at Tennyson/Yeerongpilly. The Tennyson Memorial Avenue was planted with trees after World War I, but away to the southwest industry was located between the railway line and the Moolabin Creek.

In 1925, Austral Plywoods opened a factory. The area had a cigarette factory, a wine warehouse, and a railway goods yard. Streets with Arthurian names were laid out between the railway line and the river streets. To the east, the Tennyson powerhouse for southwest Brisbane was built from 1949 to 1954. Although much maligned for the airborne ash during its operational life from 1954 to 1986, the power house’s grandeur came to be admired in some quarters once all the ash settled. Just as Tennyson was remembered by the suburb’s street names, Thomas Pamphlett was remembered by the Pamphlett Bridge over the Oxley Creek and the Pamphlett sea scouts.

After the power station remained idle for about 15 years, it was nominated for a film studio. However, the proposal was shelved. In 2005, Mirvac was given a contract for the power station suite to build over 300 apartment dwellings and a State tennis centre to replace the Milton venue. In 2009, the Queensland Tennis Centre opened with a 5500 seat centre court that adhere to international standards as well as 22 Internation Tennis Federation standard courts that include clay, grass, and cushion acrylic surfaces. The establishment hosts the Brisbane International Tournament annually. Oxley Creek hosts the Brisbane Canoeing Club while several northside Brisbane private schools have their sporting ovals in Tennyson.

In 2011, services to the Tennyson railway were suspended. At the moment, there are no future plans to reopen the station. Bus services run through the suburb as a replacement for the railway.

The Tennyson primary school opened in 1934 but was later changed to a special school in 1973.

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Computer Repairs

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Computer Repairs in Tennyson

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