How to Choose the Best Gaming Mouse

Regular gamers in the PC world know that having a good gaming mouse has a great impact within games, especially in the competitive world, and can make a difference in some cases. But the truth is that, as always, deciding on a mouse can be a real headache, so we will analyze the fundamental aspects to choose a good gaming mouse: Type of grip, DPI, extra buttons, size, shape, weight, and above all, the price.

Best Gaming Mouse: What to Consider

  1. Grip Type »The Basics

The most important thing is without a doubt comfort since long hours of gaming can make our wrists suffer. So something fundamental is the way you hold the mouse. This grip is essential, since choosing the wrong mouse can cause discomfort. The gamer mice are usually of the hybrid type (works for anyone), but there are specific models for each form of grip:

The ‘Palm’ type grip is one in which the hand rests on the entire surface of the mouse. Gamers who use this type of grip prefer a large, ergonomic gaming mouse so that the hand doesn’t suffer during long hours of gaming.

On the other hand, another type of grip very common in gamers is the Claw type or a “claw grip mouse” in which the hand is suspended over the mouse forming a kind of claw with the hand. These models are usually smaller and more agile, although this does not mean that they are no longer ergonomic.

The hybrid grip type is a mixture of the previous two. Most of the gamer mice on the market are valid for these players, although they will always opt for the one they feel most comfortable with.

Note: Some brands create left-handed Claw-and-palm mice, although hybrid models with buttons on both sides make them standard so they’re both right-handed and left-handed.

  1. DPI »Dots per inch

The DPI or Dots per inch determines the sensitivity of the mouse, influencing, above all, the precision. Although the truth is that this aspect is not as influential as it might seem and, unfortunately, it is used as marketing as it happens with the Hertz on TVs or in the RAM of video cards.

In general, a standard mouse usually has 1,000 DPI, which is enough for normal desktop tasks, but to play, depending on the resolution we will need a certain amount of DPI.

In general, and not to be mistaken with the dots per inch in our gamer mouse, the most logical thing is to acquire one that allows you to configure the DPI manually, thus knowing how we feel more comfortable. DPI influences photographic work more than playing.

  1. Optical Sensor and Laser Sensor

A mouse (or mouse) optical employs an LED sensor that detects changes that occur on the surface, these mouse are the most common in the market and their production costs are lower.

These sensors are the most common for desktop, office and internet tasks although there are models with high DPI that are more than enough to play, although the recommended for competitive gaming are lasers .

The mouse laser usually priced fairly high compared to an optical mouse, and make use of a laser sensor that recognizes with high accuracy the surface on which it is used.

The advantages of this type of mouse, in gaming, are that they can detect a much wider resolution than other technologies. They are not only effective for gaming, but also for graphic design and other tasks that require high precision.

  1. Other Aspects to Consider

With everything we have seen so far you should have no problems when choosing a mouse gamer, although there are other aspects to consider and that can positively (or negatively) influence our gaming experience.

The weight of the mouse is an aspect to consider and that we do not usually pay attention to. Choosing a gamer mouse that allows you to configure the weight (with metal ‘bullets’) can have a very positive influence on our PC games, keep that in mind.

The extra buttons of gaming mouse can be another quite remarkable and attractive aspect. The usual thing in a mouse gamer is that it includes two buttons on the sides and that these can be configured, although there are models that include even 5 or 8 extra buttons, such as the Razer Naga, which is perfect for MMO-type games.


While choosing a gaming mouse you have to take into account in what way you use the mouse, that is, the type of grip you have to avoid uncomfortable postures and enjoy long hours of comfortably, keep in mind, also, that there are models that allow even the weight to be regulated.

On the other hand, choose a laser mouse to play and with more than 2500 dpi to have more accurate gaming experience. Most laser mice allow you to configure the DPI and thus be able to play in the most comfortable way possible.

Finally, keep in mind what game you play, since if you play MMO you will probably need extra mouse buttons to get a certain advantage and above all a better gaming experience. If you are a gaming lover, then you must need also the best gaming chair.


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