What is the Difference Between a Normal Mouse and Gaming Mouse?

The prevalence of online gaming has grown by leaps and bounds during the past few decades. To some, PC gaming is not just for drama and personal fun but can also be considered a career choice where someone can earn tens of thousands of dollars by just playing the sport. The rise of the gambling industry has also revolutionized the creation of innovative computers and peripherals especially made of computer gaming.

The past few decades also have witnessed the emergence of gaming computers and laptops which was all specially designed the meet the demands and the needs of a pc gamer. The invention of this gaming mouse has also raised the eyebrows to lots of non-gamer and non-techie pc users. Let’s see the difference below.

Features and Buttons

Everyone who has ever used a computer is familiar with the standard mouse format. Two buttons; Left and Right. This is an extremely intuitive design that allows users to easily control their mouse with very little effort or learning curve. They’re so simple, even a child can use them.

A gaming mouse, however, is a little more advanced. Gamers will have the choice of a wide range of additional buttons to suit their gaming needs. Some gaming mice come equipped with 5 buttons, some as many as 20. The desired button count will largely depend on the user, and the game they wish to play. However, these buttons are for more than just looking cool. They perform valuable functions that can be used for more than just gaming. You will be able to hotkey these buttons to perform specific tasks, such as; launching certain software programs like PowerPoint, or email. You can also hotkey them to perform certain tasks within your game such as change weapons, access menus, and cast different spells. The uses for these extra buttons are only limited by your imagination.

Individual Comparison

A traditional mouse finds its beauty in simplicity. With a traditional mouse, the function of the tool has changed very little over the course of its life. It is a tool that allows you to interact with your computer easily. A traditional mouse points and clicks. That’s about all that it does, and that is about all that it needs to do.

A gaming mouse, however, will often come with special features and additions that are specifically designed with a gamer in mind. Some of these features are purely cosmetic, while others are useful features that a gamer will value in the performance of the mouse.

Dots Per Inch (DPI)

DPI stands for ‘Dots Per Inch’. This translates into how sensitive, and responsive the mouse is when you control it. Essentially, how large of a hand movement is needed to send the cursor across the page. A normal mouse will operate at a standard 300DPI, which is most likely the sensitivity that most are used to without even knowing it. While the DPI setting can often be adjusted in the computer, it is more than likely left alone for a standard user.

A gaming mouse, however, is slightly more nuanced in its DPI settings. You will find gaming mice on the market that have a range from 300DPI to 8,000DPI. In the case of most gaming mice, this DPI setting can be changed with the simple click of a button. This is a huge advantage for gamers who want to switch sensitivity modes between gaming, and regular computer use.


The used-to-be simple features of the mouse were now being reinvented to keep the continuing progress of online gaming. Nobody predicted that the simple use of the mouse has been updated to satisfy the demands and the needs of the computer gamer.

Using a mouse, you will find that simple function with the options to do so much more. You would be astounded at how well you’re able to boost your efficiency simply by using a gaming mouse. In the end, a gaming mouse and a standard mouse perform the very same tasks. Although, a gaming mouse performs these tasks, with plenty more on the planet.

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