The Best Time to Buy a New Smartphone

A worthwhile topic that is nevertheless not discussed enough is, in my opinion, the question: what is the best time to buy a new smartphone. Is it best to buy it at the start of the sales or later? Or should one upgrade their smartphone to the “previous” model whenever the newest one comes out? Here are some of my thoughts on the different timings.

At the Start of Sales

As a rule, at the start of sales, the price for this or that device is at its maximum, so it doesn’t make much sense to buy smartphones right after their announcement. Or at least it seems so at first glance. But if we talk about the flagship models, the companies often give loads of very useful gifts together with their flagships. For example, Samsung and Huawei sometimes give their smartwatches, Sony – their advanced headphones, LG – TVs, and so on.

Therefore, if the price of the device suits you and you are generally ready to buy it, it is better to do it right away and get a useful gift than to wait for discounts.

After a Couple of Months

It all depends very much on the specific company, but buying a smartphone two months after the start of sales has many advantages. If we’re talking about the mid-range models, we are most likely talking about saving a significant amount of money. If we are talking about the flagships, the main advantage is that this gives you time to get acquainted with the reviews and opinions on the model and get a formed opinion.

Six Months Later

After this much time almost all smartphones are guaranteed to get cheaper, the artificial deficit disappears (as far as some of the iPhone models are concerned). After half a year, you will also be able to find lots of second-hand phones for sale for a fair price. The risky part of that approach is that you might end up buying a faulty device.

Whenever the Next Generation Comes Out

My good friend exclusively buys smartphones from the previous generation. A year and a half after the launch, the model loses so much in value, and its specs become worse only when compared directly with the current generation. Initially, I did not understand this approach, because the element of owning a new model is lost! But now I understand that this is an artificial marketing tool and it makes no sense to blindly follow it.


Each of the periods has its pros and cons. In fact, much depends on the strength of your desire and financial possibilities. If you really want to, then why not get the top flagship with a gift at the start of sales? Alternatively, if you are willing to wait, then a year later you will save a substantial amount, and the model chosen by you will not be worse exactly.

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